How it works

This theme uses labels as the key to the display of each Faucet. Each blog post represents a Fauce, but will be used only the title of the article and its labels, leaving the content of the article aside.

Post labels.,     <- Faucet address.
i Paying: yes,                                    <- If the Faucet is currently paying or not.
ja MinPayout: 10,                              <- Minimum amount paid by the Faucet.
jb MaxPayout: 10,                             <- Maximum amount paid by the faucet.
k Time: 60,                                        <- Wait time.
l Ref%: 15,                                        <- Referral commission.
m Type: FaucetBox,                          <- Way to pay.
n External: no,                                   <- If the faucet is displayed in an iframe or an external link.

To simplify things, you can define the posts with all labels, so that it is simply a matter of copy and paste, every time you add a new Faucet.

In addition to the tags, the script uses a meta tag containing our Bitcoin address. Replace the address to ensure that the commissions generated are deposited in your Bitcoin account.
<meta content='Bitcoin-Address' itemprop='Referral'/>